The ABL Congress

Congress on the State of Black Business

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The Atlanta Business League, along with many other key organizations, institutions and businesses, collaborate to host the Annual Congress on the State of Black Business. The Congress is designed to discuss and make recommendations on how black businesses and consumers can effect a greater contribution to the economic impact on the metro area by increasing business with black consumers and each other.

The Atlanta Business League’s goal with the Congress on the State of Black Business is to develop, articulate and cause methodologies and measures that assure public and accurate visibility of the valuable contributions African-American consumers and businesses alike make to economic success.

The goals of the Congress are to:

  • Cause an investment in black businesses through an increase/shift in black spending by consumers, black businesses and black organizations by 5% annually.
  • Develop strategies to enlist local resources to assist black businesses to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Educate black consumers, businesses and organizations on the economic value created in the entire community by sustaining its business’.


The Atlanta Business League delves into strategies and tactics to impact metro Atlanta’s economic viability through the ABL’s “5% Solution.” The solution encourages black consumers, businesses and organizations to increase annual spending with black businesses by 5%, and recommends that black business increase annual giving to black community organizations by 5% each year Black Businesses Aggressively Seek to Develop Economic Solutions.

See the list of those that have committed to increase their spending with black businesses this year, a minimum of 5%.