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To provide workshops and training for participants and recognize African-American female business owners and professionals from all walks of life. 

The Super Tuesday Conference also offers various corporations and governmental entities the opportunity to reach more than 1,500 business and professional women as a sponsor during each event.  Each year as a part of ABL's "Minority Business Awareness" aimed at increasing the awareness and patronage of minority business (MBEs), the "Super Tuesday" committee salutes and highlights the accomplishments of business women in five (5) major categories:  Home-Based Business Achievement, Creative Style, Non-Traditional, Success Against the Odds, and Outstanding Achievement. 


The Super Tuesday Conference is a program designed to host business and professional women from throughout the metro Atlanta community during its Annual Super Tuesday. Twenty-two years ago, the Women In Business Committee of the Atlanta Business League decided to create a forum for African-American women business owners and professionals to interact. They solicited the support of Mayor Shirley Franklin who was then the Chief Operating Officer for the City of Atlanta and Fulton County Commissioner Michael Lomax.  Being a woman and understanding the plight of women across the board, Ms. Franklin was responsible for providing the first $5,000 grant to the Women in Business Committee for the first Super Tuesday program in 1984.

Program Goals

  • Provide participating business owners, professionals and college students with exposure to a variety of business experiences with Minority-owned companies and corporations.
  • Provide participating business owners, professionals and college students with a variety of successful Minority business role models who will encourage them to apply themselves.
  • Provide Minority business owners with an opportunity to share themselves and their businesses with aspiring entrepreneurs, professionals and youth.
  • Provide professionals and college students with potential employment opportunities with participating Minority businesses and corporations.
  • Provide college students with opportunity to study and write about their experiences and learn about entrepreneurship in a hands-on manner through internships.

Super Tuesday Conference

Provide business owners, professionals and college students with a vehicle for establishing relationships with Minority businesses and corporations.

  • To recognize African-American female business owners in five (5) categories with each of the business owners receiving equal amounts of media coverage and recognition throughout the community.  The concept is geared towards the exposure of the 15 finalists to a potentially unknown market while raising the bar for them personally and professionally as respectable entrepreneurs.  A winner in each of the award categories is announced at the luncheon ceremony during the Annual Celebration of Super Tuesday, scheduled for a Tuesday in September of each year from 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Listed below are the Super Tuesday Awards Categories.

Home-Based Business Achievement 

Recognizes the women who owns and operates a successful business enterprise from a home office.

Creative Style 

Recognizes the female entrepreneur who has used the most creative techniques in sales, marketing or advertising as a method to business growth.

Success Against the Odds

Recognizes a female who has successfully built a business through difficult times, and in the face of severe obstacles.  Women who have overcome dire circumstances and continue to operate at a profit.

Non-Traditional Business Enterprise

Recognizes the successful operation of a business enterprise providing services and or products in a field or industry that has traditionally been closed to women.

Outstanding Achievement (The premiere award) 

Recognizes the achievement of outstanding success in the generation of sales, new business growth, and expansion into new markets.  This award recognizes Atlanta's most successful African American Female business owner for the year.