Atlanta Business League Business Training & Education program: Business Enrichment Seminar Series (BESS) 

Mission Statement

The Education Committee of the ABL works to ensure that the League provides its membership with educational experiences, training and consultations that will allow the members to enjoy significant opportunities for personal as well as individual business growth.  It is the committee's aim to keep the membership informed, while at the same time provide significant and varied activities that will, not only, help the League's membership become more successful by experiencing increased profits in their businesses but serve to stimulate additional employment opportunities within metro Atlanta.

Strategic Platform 

The Education Committee designs training and enrichment activities that will impart valuable information and skill sets that if applied will insure increased success for the League's membership. The Committee's programs uses a variety of formats all designed to insure that every contact that a member has with the ABL meets or exceeds the members' "value for value" expectations. This includes membership meetings, mini-seminars, workshops, and visits to the ABL website as well as at other ABL sponsored activities. 


The BESS is coordinated by the Atlanta Business League (ABL), a 501(c)(6) organization that implements programs and initiatives that lead to the development of business relationships resulting in millions of dollars of revenue generated and hundreds of new business start-ups. The organization also serves as an information clearinghouse and referral source for minority owned business.