"The Atlanta Business League fosters the growth, creation and development of successful business enterprises owned, operated and managed by African-Americans in metropolitan Atlanta."

                                    OUR HISTORY

The Atlanta Business League was established in 1933 as an affiliate of the National Business League, which was founded by
Dr. Booker T. Washington.

In 1900, this economic pioneer conceived and developed a broad-based structure for business enterprise more innovative than this nation had ever seen, predating the creation of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce by  twelve years. The National Business League was committed from its inception to a strong comprehensive program of self-help and self-sufficiency.

The mission of the National Business League was to enhance and expand the business community at large, to encourage civic pride, and to reinvest community money within the community.

The Atlanta Business League was formed on the same premise. Serving the role as minority business developer and advocate,
the Atlanta Business League seeks to provide economic empowerment and business development opportunities for minorities throughout the metropolitan Atlanta area with specific emphasis on the development of African-American businesses.

Since its inception, the Atlanta Business League has implemented many programs and initiatives.
The League has caused the development of relationships which have translated into millions of dollars in revenue generated; and hundreds of new businesses started. Through the Atlanta Business League and the businesses it serves, the quality of life and our community is greatly enriched.

The Atlanta Business League is a strong force for positive growth in Atlanta. It serves as one voice for many small business persons, using their collective power to influence the course of events politically and socially at all levels including government, business and civic communities. As challenges present themselves to the entrepreneur, the Atlanta Business League continues to meet them head on.


  • To implement programs which promote increased access to business opportunities and capital
  • To encourage the support and patronage of businesses owned by African-Americans
  • To implement programs which promote the development of African-American business and entrepreneurship
  • To develop and implement policy and legislative initiatives that support African-American businesses


  • Affiliation with a professional minority business development organization that advocates on behalf of minority businesses
  • Business or individual listing in ABL's Annual Membership Directory
  • Business referrals and technical assistance
  • Networking opportunities and expansion of business resources during membership meetings and special events
  • Shaping the Future Quarterly Newsletter with information for and about member businesses
  • Educational training opportunities for business owners and staff
  • Use of information clearinghouse
  • Marketing of member businesses via the ABL Web Site
  • Special discounts, and more